Tips and Tricks –

Travel Expense and Advance Payment in IFS

  1. Employee can apply for travel advance payment and It can be connected to Expense Sheet till ‘Approved’ status.
    Once Expense Sheet is ‘Authorized’ by Travel administrator then no further changes are allowed on Expense Sheet and advance cannot be connected to expense sheet.
  2. Expense Sheet can be ‘Authorized’ only if all the connected travel advances are in ‘Paid’ status. If any Travel Advance is in ‘Requested’ status, then expense sheet cannot be ‘Authorized’.
  3. Travel Advance and Expense Payment process can be handled through both ‘Cash’ and ‘Bank’ payment method. It also support reimbursement of travel expense and advance payment with multiple currency.
  4. Once the Expense Sheet is ‘Authorized’, an ‘E’ type voucher will be created. Voucher Information will be updated into ‘Expense Sheet / General’ tab.
  5. Once all the expenses are entered by user, ‘Payment in Full’ process can be run which will settle the expense sheet amount against the advance payment.
  6. Payment status can be checked through ‘Expense Sheet/ Payment’ tab, which will show all the ‘Paid’ advance amount and balance expense amount with ‘Payment in Full’ type.


By Vikas Jain – Travel/HR/T&A IFS expert