IFS Security and Roles Overview

IFS provides a very good security architecture which can be used and implemented as per requirements.

Broadly this topic can be categorized as:


Screen access :

  1. Functional role (Screen Or RMB option control)
  2. End user role (Combination of functional roles)

Data Access :

  1. Company Access
  2. Site Access (Specially for distribution)
  3. Finance User Group access
  4. Project Access (Where Project access is required)
  5. Position Access (For HR and Travel)

Report Access:

  1. Presentation object control via roles

Base Profile :

  1. Personalize the screens (removing extra unused fields)
  2. Hiding RMB options

At any point of time 148 functional roles can be assigned to a User.

By Sukanta Sen – IFS Security and Roles Expert